Side by Side: On and Off The Clock

Oct 27, 2014 by ALDO TEAM
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A lot of people envy guys who get to work in casual offices, jeering as they hop on the train in their jeans, their chinos, or maybe even…shorts (don’t). But it’s actually pretty complicated to work in a casual office, mostly because everything you own has to pull double duty. When you’re free of a suited-up dress code, you’re suddenly flooded with options. The best way to handle it? Buy the things that will serve you in the conference room, at happy hour, and all weekend long. Ya dig?

We’re on the brink of boot season now, so let’s look to the ever-versatile Ted, shall we? If you’ve somehow got it in your head that you can’t wear something this heavy-duty to the office, shake it off. The navy color on these guys gives them a sophisticated (read: office appropriate) feeling, and the hardware isn’t so aggressive. You’ll be fine as long as you don’t throw a pair of ratty jeans on — stick with chinos, and a sweater that says “I like the holidays, but I’m not a crazy sweater person.”

After you punch out, let the boots do the work for you with your favorite jeans and shirt. They’ll stomp the pavement all weekend long with ease, and that’s when you’ll be able to scuff them up a little, giving them that character they deserve. Don’t worry, you can still wear them to the office, even with a scratch or two.

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