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Apr 26, 2014 by @shoescherie
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When I was in university, many top professors and students boasting 4.0 GPA’s, rocked what seemed to me (at the time), to be the clunkiest sandal-meets-slide-meets-cork concoctions. Their footwear boggled my mind more than a 400 level course on ethics. Sigh, if only I knew then what I know now: the academically-inclined are always way cooler than we give them credit for.  Those shoes most of us thought were odd, granola or just plain orthopedic are officially the don’t-get-left-behind-must-have of the summer.

Intro Jili, the shoe that, no joke, everyone on the team has been anxiously awaiting its arrival. Why? Because it’s our triple-threat. In case you missed it, the three biggest trends for summer footwear are; 1. comfortable footbeds,2. pool slides and 3.white bottoms.

Plus, they’re straight-up luxurious. Whereas once upon a time success was equated with being so busy you had no time for a selfie today success equates itself with how leisurely you can afford to be.

Whether your leisure class be expressed by how often in the year you;

a)       get to post to your followers from various exotic locations hot legs or hot dogs


b)       are able to be audaciously casual and comfortable on a non casual Friday, cuz hey this is my start-up (you #muppie)

the real baller move is not just to mix high/low but to mix the seemingly casual with luxe details. And we assure you the Jili is just that. Relaxed and luxe. Reluxed (yeah, I went there).


Look 1: Luxe enough for date night

Here’s why:

Other than the comfy footbed there’s nothing granola about the Jili. The materials and details are so up to spec that they don’t look out of place next to the high-end dressier items in your closet.

What it says about you:

Con-fi-dent. You like the high life but know how to stay grounded. You may be excited about this date but you also plan to take it in stride. You’ll be winning and glad you wore Jili when your date suggests you walk home. Heck, in these shoes you could walk until McDonalds breakfast is back on the menu.

 Sandals       Handbag       Necklace      Rings

Look 2: Relaxed enough for Sunday brunch

Here’s why:

Umm, did we mention you can just slide into them and they make you feel like you just slipped into your favorite sweats?

What it says about you:

You’ve heeded Karl’s famous quote and warning that sweatpants are defeat, you know how to do cozy without giving-up on looking your best. Goes without saying,  as soon as your girlfriends spot these on your feet at brunch they’ll gush more at how perfect your shoes are than the job, the guy (or girl), or apartment you just nailed. Prepare to be copied – with the Jili you’re sure to become an influencer.

 Sandals        Handbag        Sunglasses      Watch       Bracelet

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