SIDE BY SIDE: Weatherized Boot

Nov 18, 2014 by ALDO TEAM
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Once upon a time, winter boots were the subway systems of footwear: a practical, but exclusively functional way to get around. Then, skinnies and leggings infiltrated the fashion scene, and oversized sporty boots suddenly looked dead sexy with the form-fitting pant tucked inside.  With supermodels like Cara Delevingne rocking outerwear staples like full-fledged fashion statements, the big boot is enjoying a fashion moment no longer restricted to the great outdoors.

This winter, kill two birds with one boot by investing in a pair of weatherproof black moonboots with grey accents and bold-coloured laces. Whether you’re heading to the bar or just the grocery store, the moonboot is to winter 2014 what the low-top sneaker is to spring: a sporty shoe that can have serious edge. Here’s how to you can style the moonboot for a chic daytime look, and then give it a dose of edge for a first date ensemble. Snow and sub-zero temperatures not required.

Look 1: Daytime Errands

Hit the icy pavement in high gear by pairing an over-sized grey sweater with dark blue skinny jeans. Throw an  ice blue circle scarf overtop of the knit to create the illusion of an oversized turtleneck. Add a wrist full of bracelets to your ensemble – the ultimate way to show off that winter-proofing your wardrobe doesn’t mean sacrificing cutting edge accents. Top off the look with a cross-body vintage-inspired messenger bag. Sure, you might not be competing in a winter triathlon, but strutting down a snow-lined sidewalk like it’s your personal runway is far more challenging than it gets credit for.

Look 2: First Date

Weatherproof moonboots paired with a pair of black pleather leggings look laidback yet sexy – perfect for a casual first date with a potential beau. The sheen finish of the pants adds a futuristic edge to the moonboots. Opt for a jacket and top that complement the moonboot’s colour palate and let your watch strap be the accessory that has its own colour scheme instead. A box set of watches ensures you’ve always got a look to suit your mood and style. Top off the look with a lined black tote bag reminiscent of shearling. You don’t need to hit the slopes to show off that street style is your winter sport, and you’ve clearly gone pro.

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