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Jan 28, 2015 by ALDO TEAM
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The Office Sneaker That Sometimes Plays, but Always Works

Sneakers used to be a little taboo in an office, but times have changed. Everybody and their mom has a favorite pair they like to kick around in, but the trick is getting some that will play just as well in the office as on the street. It’s not hard, you just have to know what to look for. First off, find something that’s minimal—no neons or crazy soles in the boardroom. You should feel just as comfortable throwing them on under a suit, chinos, or your rattiest jeans. Once you hit that trifecta, you’re good to go. That’s where the Valin comes in—it fills all three bubbles.

They’re pretty sporty, so you can really do a lot of different things with them. Try mixing them up with an old jersey (make sure it’s clean of course) and a pair of slim khakis. The Valins will keep everything slightly more elevated than a worn-in pair of athletic shoes, and the chinos will make it clear that you’re actually on a style play, not fresh off the diamond.

If you’re not feeling the hyper-sporty vibe, they’ll pair just as easily with your casual office gear. The dark leather not only makes them a little more sophisticated, but will match with pretty much anything in your wardrobe (plus they stay cleaner longer). And since we’re in an office, try to keep everything else very clean and simple. Wearing a killer pair of sneakers is one thing, but you don’t wanna be the dude rolling in with a Hawaiian shirt. Got it?

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