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Feb 8, 2016 by ALDO TEAM
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Two Ways to Make a Strong Finish

A lot of people (we don’t know who, exactly) will tell you that shoes can make or break a man’s outfit. And while we generally think style rules are made to be broken, or at least bent, we’re pretty on-board with that statement. A dirty pair of hyped-up sneakers will never cut it, nor will a pair of brogues that are just past their prime.

So what do you go for then? Something that’s classic, of course. What’s more, is it should also be well-made, as in you could wear it for years to come. Take these leather chukkas for example, they’re pretty much the gold standard when it comes to casual footwear. We’re partial to thinking they look best with a pair of jeans, but the truth is, they can work with everything. That’s why they’ve been around for, oh, centuries.

If you’re looking for a pair of shoes that add a little bit of excitement to everything, then maybe think about some blue suede. This is the final touch for a guy who doesn’t mind a few raised eyebrows, and to be honest, we’re pretty sure they’ll all be raised in a really good way. So there you have it, two really simple ways to finish your best clothes off in the best way. Easy as pie.

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