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Dec 7, 2015 by ALDO TEAM
pin it side by side: cold, snap

Cheat the chill with duds fit for December.

We only just bid our summer wardrobe a fond farewell, or so it seems, and here we are, barreling headfirst into the holidays. What happened? Autumn, we barely knew ye. As much as we’d like to book a first-class ticket to Bora Bora, or tuck ourselves under an eiderdown to Netflix and chill until May, we can’t deny that there’s a certain charm to December. Maybe it’s the social component to the season–the holiday parties, the get-togethers, the chance to reconnect with friends and family–that has us in an uncommonly maudlin mood. We’ve wised up over the course of many winters too; now the gap between comfort-warmth and style has been trimmed, dramatically. When you figure out how to dress for (stupidly) cold weather, and feel good about how you look at the same time, well, that’s what we call a game changer.

A few smart items turn the trick. A strategy, too, that makes effective use of layers. It’s not about one big jacket. It’s about the right jacket–a long, fitted coat, preferably–what you wear underneath, choice accessories, and, most notably, a solid pair of boots. Durable, water repellent footwear, lined with snug material, will never let you down in December. Don’t just take on the cold; embrace it.

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