Side by Side: Foolproof Flip-Flops

Jun 12, 2015 by ALDO TEAM
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Flip-flops. As a casual footwear statement, they’re as decisive as it gets. When you slip on a pair of thong sandals, it’s a low-stress, low-stakes scenario. That in no way suggests, of course, that you have to completely let yourself go when you hit the beach or the pool. You can totally preserve your fashion cred with this downtime slip-on. Fact is, flip-flops have come a long way from those disposable, old school models you wore as a kid. And by the way, they’re not just for swimming lessons anymore.

Granted, unless your boss’s notion of Casual Friday is insanely chill, you’re probably not wearing flip-flops to the office. But outside the office? Different story. The latest styles of thong sandals match up with a wide range of summer looks. Tapered pants with sleek tees or untucked, short-sleeve button-down shirts complement flip-flops well; just substitute in place of your favorite sneakers or boat shoes. Other than that wedding or fancy cocktail there’s really no wrong play here. On a casual brunch date, at that new neighbourhood coffee shop, on a walk through the park; a sharp, well-made pair of sandals gets the job done. It’s summertime guys. Free up those feet, fashionably, with the right flip-flops.

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