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Aug 31, 2015 by ALDO TEAM
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Go from work to weekend–and back–with one shoe. 

Some shoes can do it all, within limits of course. May we submit the humble but valuable loafer? Or, in this case, if you so prefer, the driver or moccasin. In black, this classic is a wardrobe must. But you probably know that.

Still, say for argument’s sake you don’t. Just examine all the ways this shoe can complement work and weekend life. With dress socks, dark and tapered trousers, and a slim shirt and blazer, a black suede loafer cuts a killer profile. This is what well-groomed up-and-comers want at the office, on a business trip, or at a work engagement.

Which takes us to look number two. It is the weekend, or a weekday after work, you are off the clock, and you have a date, a dinner, a function–somewhere to be. That somewhere is not exactly informal, but far from tuxedo and top hat time. Find the middle ground. The black suede loafers can stay, naturally, but lose the socks. Chill the look out some more with earth tones–khaki chinos are a safe bet, and a casual dress shirt. Layer with a slim-fit jacket or blazer for good measure, and cuff the sleeves. Rock those moccasins well, gentlemen; they are, without doubt, a foundational piece of footwear.

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