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Jun 11, 2014 by @shoescherie
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In the summer months, every week around hump day weather talk at the office gets pretty serious.  “Is it gonna be nice THIS weekend?” tends to get blurted out with the similar tone of sudden exaggerated excitement as the now fashion classic Rachel Zoe-ism ‘I die’ .  So yeah, the overwhelming excitement at the confirmation of blue-skies with its promise of sunny day staples is pretty serious indeed.

When you’ve outgrown camp and school’s out months, the trick to summer fun and style appropriateness, is all about preparedness.

There’s a spontaneity that’s palpable between June, July and August or as I like to call it ‘the time of JJA’ (which when pronounced out loud ‘jjjaaaa’ almost sounds, to me, like it could be another and better way of saying ‘yes!’)

How is a summer of yes different than the rest? Here are my top three impromptus of the season that could help guide your sartorial choices;

  1. Forget flash mobs it’s all about the drop of a hat readiness for a BBQ
  2.  It’s hot. Pool’s closed. But you’re with the lifeguard, so….
  3. Your friends friends friend has an insane country house that’s really a compound and of course you’re more than welcome (jjja!!!)

The thing about spur-of-the-moment possibilities under clear skies is that they’re hard to enjoy if you’re not completely chill in mood and style. Your go-to summer shoes need to do so much more than day to night; they need to be ready for adventure whether it’s with the surfer or yacht set. Intro ARCHI, our city tough but SoCal chill espadrille in luxe leather – the ultimate for all things beach and beyond.

For the flair of fancy pair them with exotic touches and references (read pineapple t-shirt and silky soft shorts) or the ultimate off-duty get away think cute and no fuss (read denim and 70’s everything layered over a bikini).

ARCHI  is designed to gather sun soaked good times with each step. The memories you make with ARCHI are sure to carry you through in anticipation until the next awesome weather forecast. Until then I can’t- they’re so good.


Shop look 1: luxe leather slip-onsdouble floral print envelope clutch, necklacegold rings



Shop look 2: luxe leather slip-onsembellished boho bag, round reflective sunnies, watch

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