Side by Side: The Shoes Make The Man (And Valentine)

Feb 6, 2015 by ALDO TEAM
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Listen up guys, Valentine’s Day is coming, and fast. Before you know it shop windows will be filled with hearts, love will be in the air, and your twitter DMs will be on fire. Knowing you like we do, we imagine you’re going to have something planned for that day, night, or both, and we want you to be on your A-game. So don’t mess it all up with a pair of dirty sneakers, alright? Go with a classic leather laceup. No matter what you’ve got planned, it’ll work. Trust us on that one.

Daytime daters, you don’t have to be afraid of a shoe that’s a little more formal. If you’re taking your sweetheart museum walking, out for a post-early-Valentine’s-celebration breakfast, or maybe to a matinee, just pair them with your favorite dark denim (and maybe throw some champagne in your bag). Black on navy blue or black never goes out of style. And you know if things go from day to night you’ll be set.

Now, if you’re fast-forwarding straight into the evening, you can go full-force formal. Try pairing a navy DB jacket with a pair of slim, super tailored trousers and a printed shirt for a little flare. Think of it as a junior midnight blue tux (you don’t want to go that formal till you’re walking down the aisle). Your trusty laces will add the right amount of sheen that’ll last from drinks, to dinner, to more drinks, to dancing, to whatever.

Happy Valentine’s Day, gentlemen.

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