Spring Is Coming, Your Boots Are Staying

Feb 16, 2016 by ALDO TEAM
pin it Spring Is Coming, Your Boots Are Staying

When it’s not warm enough to go sockless, turn to the cognac boot.

Who knows what the hell is up with Mother Nature these days. She’s crazy. She’s so moody. However, we’re pretty sure that the seasons will still come and go as usual (for now). When those first few days of spring come, we know you’ll be tempted to go sockless. But you must resist! It’s not quite time for that yet.

What you can do however, is change up your boot game. Shelf the blacks and the deep browns for a minute, and reach for the cognac—a caramel-like, lighter, sexier cousin of dark brown. The color is spring-appropriate, but you can still rest easy knowing you won’t be chilled.

Now, it’s a bit of a tough color, so here’s how to play it like a pro. You might think it’s a little high contrast to wear with black jeans or your dark dark raw denim, and you’re right, but that’s not a bad thing! Black or nearly-black blue on cognac (or that camel overcoat you’ve got) looks clean and super crisp. It’s a sort of modern take on how to do it. And you’re a thoroughly modern man, so go for it. And of course, just cuff ‘em.

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