Final Touch: Ice Breaker

Stylish combat boots are a cold weather must-have. Everyday style. We see these words a lot, but what, when put together, do they signify? What is everyday style? Sure, it’s how you choose to dress[...]

Final Touch: Blammo, Bluchers

Broken-in jeans have a new best friend. An effortless wardrobe that requires little to no forethought. That’s the dream, isn’t it? Grab and go. Alas, not always practical. When you have a serious[...]

Final Touch: Patchwork Patrol

Let’s face it: perfect style isn’t as easy when you can’t just throw on a jumpsuit and a pair of sandals and call it a day. As the days get shorter and the temperature drops, you’re probably[...]

Final Touch: Upper Echelon

Take your style above and beyond with over-the-knee boots Kim Kardashian recently made the case for over-the-knee boots on her new lifestyle blog and girlfriend is absolutely right. This fall,[...]

Final Touch: A Rugged Rep

Boots. Has another style of footwear undergone a bigger metamorphosis in recent memory? Think about it. Boots used to be relegated to the task-oriented apparel bin. They had specific functions and[...]


Thinking about how to bring a touch of that sweet seventies glam into your otherwise modern and minimalist look? The solution lies with the ASTIEVEN, a remarkable ankle boot that seems to have all[...]

Final Touch: Transitional Boots

We’re about to hit that all-too-complicated transitional period between harsh winter and gentle spring. That’s going to leave your wardrobe in a bit of limbo. You’ll need to stay[...]

Details Details: Mesh Well

Some might say it’s counter-intuitive to sport cutouts during the colder months. (Others might say it’s straight-up cray.) But who says you have to bare your skin to start tapping spring’s[...]

Final Touch: Winter White

Rules are made to be broken, which is why this season we’re sporting sneakers with skirts, switching to a jumpsuit for formal events, and even giving glitter booties a daytime spin. The same goes[...]

Side by Side: The Indoor/Outdoor Boot

The Indoor/Outdoor Winter Boot Winter is no longer on the way, the snow that just got dumped all over the country said something very clear: Winter is here, and it’s not f’ing around this[...]