Final Touch: Show Your Grey Matter

Leave the concept of the “six-pack” in the realm of abs and beer. These days, buying your socks in bulk is a sartorial faux-pas for the man of style who knows true savoir-faire is in the[...]

Final Touch: Fuzzy on the Inside

We can dig our heels in all we want, but there’s no stopping it: Winter is coming, and once the cold weather arrives, there’s no way we’ll let it stop us from looking out best. That’s why[...]


You know that saying, “Sometimes a whisper speaks louder than a shout”? Well, the same goes for shaking up fall’s subdued palette with subtle pops of colour that’ll make a stronger statement[...]

Final Touch: Moto Boots, Without the Moto

Do you ride a motorcycle? Chances are, you don’t, and that’s okay! A lot of us never cross that bridge, but we still dress like it. Moto jackets, cool helmets (ahem, Daft Punk), and biker boots[...]

Final Touch: The Other Way to Wear a Suit Jacket

Most guys out there tend to stick with the tried and true jacket look: Button-up shirt, tie, jacket, and that’s pretty much it. But with fall well on the way, it’s a good time to try[...]

Final Touch: Styling the Lug Sole Boot

With the grunge revival still in full effect, coupled with the fashion world’s current obsession with androgynous “one-style-fits-all” couture, it’s no wonder that the lug[...]

Final Touch: On and Off the Clock

If you’re one of those lucky enough to work in a casual office, then listen up. Though it’s tempting to go for your old t-shirt and kicks, you’ve gotta remember that it’s[...]

FINAL TOUCH: Two-tone Mash-up

Don’t get us wrong, we love a simple sneaker–we wear them all the time. However, a little detailing here and there can take your footwear to the next level. And in this day and age, a[...]

FINAL TOUCH: How to Wear Mustard Yellow

Perhaps Coldplay was psychically predicting one of the biggest men’s fall 2014 trends when Chris Martin once so famously sang, “…and it was all yellow” — that is, if he[...]

Final Touch: Styling Brown and Black, Together.

As it cools off outside, the fall festival season is just getting warmed up. You’ve got your tickets booked up and your days booked off — now all you have to do is… figure out what to[...]