Toe-to-Toe: Boot Theory

Ever spot an awesome pair of shoes and ask yourself, “How am I going to rock those?” Lucky for you, we’re one step ahead. We’ll be showcasing two Head Office Style Masters wearing the same[...]


We don’t mean to humble brogue, but brogue wing-tip derby’s are having a moment. Brogues have an innate elegance about them, revisited by designers like Raf Simons, Prada, and Jil Sander time and[...]

FINAL TOUCH: Styling Modern Metallics

Let’s face it: evening gowns are pretty, but predictable. So for your next fancy event, why not shake things up with the unexpected elegance of a black jumpsuit and edgy-glam extras? Trust[...]

Rings & Things: METAL MELANGE

Faux-pas. Who came up with that term anyway? In fashion, things come in and out and back in again and again and again (are you dizzy?) but today, more than ever, the term “faux-pas” is like a[...]

Final Touch: Getting Rose Right

No matter what colored glasses you’re looking through, rose will take you from your late summer haze to those fresh autumn days. An edgy, minimalist take on the ballerina, the dusty rose t-strap[...]

Final Touch: Platforms. Not just for parties.

It wasn’t just Cinderella who wished she could wear her princess gear on non-ball-going days. Perhaps the Fairy Godmother finally heard our prayers. Say hello to 2014’s answer to the ultimate[...]

Side by Side: Meet Archi

In the summer months, every week around hump day weather talk at the office gets pretty serious.  “Is it gonna be nice THIS weekend?” tends to get blurted out with the similar tone of sudden[...]

Final Touch: It’s Okay to Wear Sandals, Even Strappy Ones

There was a time where men wore sandals. You know who those men were? Gladiators. For a while, some people spread rumours that men’s sandals (mandals) weren’t okay. They claimed they were a[...]

Rings & Things: Genuine Reflection

We’re not mad at this throwback trend that’s on the horizon.  A must-have for summer, reflective shades in shapes like Round, Round-Pointed and classic Aviator, are mesmerizing us like[...]

Side By Side: Fancy Affairs

Me me me! Sing it out loud, today is YOUR day. Well, maybe it isn’t all about you – maybe it’s someone else’s special occasion. But who says you can’t pretend the spotlight is shining on[...]