Final Touch: Ace Lace Ups

Here’s a key look for the season. A little effort. A little initiative. Gentlemen, that’s all it takes. Let’s pull it back a bit and clarify. Fashion-wise, what’s your desired end result?[...]

Final Touch: All Dressed Up, Every Place to Go

Every morning when you fling open those closet doors to find your sneakers, your boots, or your wingtips, your best shoes (best meaning fanciest) get left behind. Maybe their the dandy loafers you[...]

Side by Side: Chelsea Boots

Listen up guys, it’s time to get serious about your fall-winter footwear. You can deny it all you want, but soon your sneakers will be shelved for the season. Relax, this gives you the[...]

Gents Club: High Top Sneakers For Fall

Now that summer is officially over, you’ve got to shift your gears towards the cooler temperatures. Sure, clambakes, sailing trips, and long lazy Saturdays might be out of the picture, but that[...]

Final Touch: On and Off the Clock

If you’re one of those lucky enough to work in a casual office, then listen up. Though it’s tempting to go for your old t-shirt and kicks, you’ve gotta remember that it’s[...]


We don’t mean to humble brogue, but brogue wing-tip derby’s are having a moment. Brogues have an innate elegance about them, revisited by designers like Raf Simons, Prada, and Jil Sander time and[...]

FINAL TOUCH: How to Wear Mustard Yellow

Perhaps Coldplay was psychically predicting one of the biggest men’s fall 2014 trends when Chris Martin once so famously sang, “…and it was all yellow” — that is, if he[...]

Final Touch: Sporting the New Navy

No longer the official colour of boardrooms and prep school blazers, Fall 2014′s spin on navy is casual-cool, and there’s no better way to sport it than on your feet. Forget canvas kicks;[...]

Final Touch: Styling the Minimalist Black Sneaker

Sartorialists of a bygone era believed the fashion-savvy men matched their shoes to their belts. These days, with the 21st century introduction of the high-fashion sneaker, nothing says “street[...]

Toe-to-Toe: Kicks for the TKO

Footwear fans, get ready to fist pump. Ever spot an awesome pair of shoes and ask yourself, “How am I going to rock those?” Lucky for you, we’re one step ahead. We’ll be showcasing two Head[...]