Details, Details: Tone on tone on tone

Elegance is a man who knows the power of classic footwear. Earthy tones are key in the dapper gentleman’s colour palette, but neutral for him could never mean boring. He accents with exquisite[...]

Final Touch: How to Dress Up a Jodhpur Boot

Once a staple of stable life, the Jodhpur may have branched out from its equestrian roots decades ago, but it has typically stayed in the realm of leisurely day wear despite leaving the saddle. Make[...]

Final Touch: How to Rock a Neon Pop Sole

While bold neon colours are the perfect way to add a bolt of punk to an otherwise muted winter ensemble, the key to rocking the bright hues is to use them sparingly. Wearing more than one piece of[...]

Final Touch: How to Bring on the Edge

The Beatles wore them, David Bowie always looked sharp in one; The Kills’ Jamie Hince made baby blue on blue work on his wedding day to Kate Moss, proving that there’s really nothing more[...]

Shoe Shoe: Stephain

With the arrival of the holiday season comes office parties and family reunions galore. You’ve got to look your very best, without sacrificing the unique style that makes you who you are. That’s[...]

Final Touch: How to Rock Work Look in Winter

Whether you work in the creative field where jeans are the boardroom norm or just have weekly “Casual Fridays” to look forward to, having a relaxed dress code at the office shouldn’t be an[...]

Filmspired: Magnum P.I.

“Television-spired?” It doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, but we can’t commemorate Movember without anything but an homage to the small screen’s greatest ‘stache. Whether he’s[...]

Final Touch: Brown New Black

Once upon a time, gents followed the sartorial rule of “no brown in town”, sporting black, blue and grey in the city while leaving the likes of cognac and cigar to define the shades of their[...]

ShoeShoe: The city slicker’s desert boot

Go straight from work to watch the match at the pub with this city slicker’s answer to the desert boot. With its heel detailing – just a simple layering effect in the stitching – and its smooth[...]

Top 5: Justin Livingston’s picks

What makes it to the top of a fashion blogger’s hit list?  We asked Justin Livingston, the distinguished  tastemaker behind Scout Sixteen, to pick his top five pieces from the FW13[...]