Gent’s Club: Nissila

Originally conceived as a soldier’s footwear, the blucher is named after its inventor, famous 19th century German general Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher, who designed it to appease his men who[...]

Top 5: Justin Livingston’s picks

What makes it to the top of a fashion blogger’s hit list?  We asked Justin Livingston, the distinguished  tastemaker behind Scout Sixteen, to pick his top five pieces from the FW13[...]

Gentlemen’s Club: The GELL Brogue Boot

You’re welcome. That’s what you can tell your feet when they thank you for the all-natural crepe sole that grounds this classic brogue boot. With its double-texture of vegetable tanned, drum-dyed[...]

Gentleman’s Club: The Long-Wing Brogue

To prepare for his role as Sir Lawrence Olivier in My Week with Marilyn, Kenneth Branagh got brogues made to measure, just like Olivier used to. We get it: this classic, first worn by Scottish[...]