Final Touch: Electric Drive

Picture yourself cruising down an open road on a clear spring day, with nothing but the slow curves and classics blasting from the stereo to keep you company. Your feet effortlessly float between the[...]

Final Touch: On and Off the Clock

If you’re one of those lucky enough to work in a casual office, then listen up. Though it’s tempting to go for your old t-shirt and kicks, you’ve gotta remember that it’s[...]

Final Touch: Head to Toe Bordeaux

There’s a new neutral on the fashion block this fall that is set to trump our classic black-on-black trousseau. Her name is Bordeaux and she’s not only ruling the international runways with her[...]

FINAL TOUCH: Styling shorts into Fall

Although cooler days will soon be here, Mother Nature tends to show her contempt for the return of regular work and school hours by keeping the temperatures high and the air humid. There’s no need[...]

True Love: Lana Del Rey

Whether she’s rocking a Priscilla Presley beehive and jeans, classic movie star windswept hair with a t-shirt, or a boho floral headband and a gown, singer Lana Del Rey’s retro glam meets[...]

Side by Side: Meet Archi

In the summer months, every week around hump day weather talk at the office gets pretty serious.  “Is it gonna be nice THIS weekend?” tends to get blurted out with the similar tone of sudden[...]

Final Touch: It’s Okay to Wear Sandals, Even Strappy Ones

There was a time where men wore sandals. You know who those men were? Gladiators. For a while, some people spread rumours that men’s sandals (mandals) weren’t okay. They claimed they were a[...]

Final Touch: How to Style the Gladiator

When the original Romans buckled up their sandals before entering the fighting ring, they could never have imagined that thousands of years later some of the most fashionable ladies on the planet[...]

Final Touch: Style a Rubber Boat Shoe

Forget chirping birds and the sudden return of children’s laughter to the parks. The most joyful sound of spring is the sweet, sweet music that melting snow makes as it drips madly off roofs and[...]

Details, Details: Gladiators (a fashion victory)

Kind of hard to mess with a look that’s been in style for over 2,000 years, right? A confirmed classic, the gladiator sandal was once worn by Russell Crowe look-alikes (we like to imagine) in the[...]