Nothing in life is guaranteed, especially these days when we’re all walking around with our heads in the cloud (you know, the digital one). But at least we know there are always a few things we can[...]

Shoe Shoe: Cut-Out Oxfords

The most underrated thing about spring style is how much fun we can have as the layers come off. Our shoe crush of the season, the ALDO Neririen, might look innocent and sweet, with its tiny heel and[...]

Gent’s Club: Girroald

Wouldn’t it be great to imagine Sean Connery wearing a pair of boots like these to visit his native Edinburgh? It would be an homage to his ancestors, because the Oxford was invented to trudge[...]

Filmspired: When Harry Met Sally

Though only one scene of it takes place on New Years, it’s the ultimate New Year’s movie: a New York story of true love, that asks one of humanity’s burning questions: can men and women really[...]

Final Touch: Brown New Black

Once upon a time, gents followed the sartorial rule of “no brown in town”, sporting black, blue and grey in the city while leaving the likes of cognac and cigar to define the shades of their[...]