RINGS AND THINGS: Holding Onto Summer

From backyard BBQs to hitting the fun music festival circuit, we’re not quite ready for the changing of your season. Cooler temps mean staying in instead of staying out; layering on wool instead of[...]


Anyone who says rock star style is all about attitude has yet to catch a glimpse of the edgy-glam accessories we have lined up this season. So why pull a Miley when you can layer up these[...]


Way back in 1971, when local Torontonian Clive Brand wanted to show off the elaborate details of his Caribana ensemble, he lit flares to shine a light on his look and accidentally set his outfit on[...]

Rings & Things: METAL MELANGE

Faux-pas. Who came up with that term anyway? In fashion, things come in and out and back in again and again and again (are you dizzy?) but today, more than ever, the term “faux-pas” is like a[...]

Rings & Things: Spring Bling

Perhaps we have fashionistas like Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj and Kelly Osbourne to thank for freeing florals and pastels from their association with sugar and spice and everything nice.  For those of[...]

Rings & Things: Word Up

Blame it on RiRi. When she started strutting around in clothes and caps printed in scripts so large you could see them from the space station, she started a movement. Pretty soon, big, bold words[...]

Rings & Things: Ivory Dreams

Quick! What’s the shortest path to chic? Answer: ivory, forever. This classic, creamy shade has a come-hither glow that complements every skin tone and just about every outfit. Looking for a[...]

Rings and Things: Louder statements all around!

Sure, clothes may make the man but a statement necklace always makes the w oman. Our case in point: virtually every Fall 2014 runway. We saw 2.55-inspired chains at Chanel, jasper ball chokers at[...]

Rings and Things: The Sweetest Stack

The idiom “the devil is in the details” is very apropos for the layered jewelry trend we’re coveting this season. From runway to real way, women are stylishly stacking a multitude of bracelets[...]

Rings and Things: Feline Fever

Whether it’s on bracelets, necklaces or rings, your feline instinct rhymes with bling: think big, loud and gold, and as much as you can humanly pile on at once. Think of a panther in the wild; does[...]