Campaign Creation: #PerfectPair

Redefining “perfect”. Whether it’s the perfect picture, job, or partner, we believe what’s perfect is never absolute – what’s “perfect” is always what’s right for you.[...]

FINAL TOUCH: Styling shorts into Fall

Although cooler days will soon be here, Mother Nature tends to show her contempt for the return of regular work and school hours by keeping the temperatures high and the air humid. There’s no need[...]

Final Touch: Style a Rubber Boat Shoe

Forget chirping birds and the sudden return of children’s laughter to the parks. The most joyful sound of spring is the sweet, sweet music that melting snow makes as it drips madly off roofs and[...]

Final Touch: BOHO Festival Fashion

Coachella is the ultimate, celeb-studded festival, where music, art and fashion collide. This year’s edition promises to burn up the atmosphere with a stellar lineup including heart-worthy artists[...]

The Pair to Wear: Ballet Day

And one, two, three plié, ladies! In honour of Ballet Day, let’s take a moment to celebrate the charming ballerina shoe: the workaholic of all flats, though you’d never know it given its simple[...]

Final Touch: How to Dress for Winter Wonderland

It doesn’t matter if you’re more of a bunny slopes kind of girl than a black diamond aficionado. Mastering cold weather couture isn’t just for the Aspen and Alps set, especially since weaving[...]

Final Touch: How to Keep It Black Tie

Don’t wait for the invitation to say “black tie” before you make the sartorial gesture of wearing a bow tie to your next event. The sexiest man in any room is the one who exudes confidence in[...]

Final Touch: How to Spice Up Your Wardrobe

Despite the long history of the car in modern society, nothing still quite causes a stir at a party like a woman willing to rock bare legs in the heart of winter, especially if said legs are tanned[...]

Final Touch: How to Rock a Neon Pop Sole

While bold neon colours are the perfect way to add a bolt of punk to an otherwise muted winter ensemble, the key to rocking the bright hues is to use them sparingly. Wearing more than one piece of[...]

Final Touch: How to Bring on the Edge

The Beatles wore them, David Bowie always looked sharp in one; The Kills’ Jamie Hince made baby blue on blue work on his wedding day to Kate Moss, proving that there’s really nothing more[...]