Final Touch: Medal Worthy

Take ankle booties to the next level with a subtle hint of hardware. There’s something about slipping into a pair of ankle booties for the first time in the fall that just feels so right. After[...]

Rings and Things: Camel Black

There’s something beautifully serene about the colour camel. Classic, but still on-trend it’s a calm neutral shade that evokes a luxurious, well-made sentiment no matter what the price point.[...]

FINAL TOUCH: Break The Monotony

Suede oxfords and a grey suit? Yessir. Clothes don’t make the man, they say. That is certainly true. But, by the same token, let’s not pretend appearances don’t matter. They most assuredly do.[...]


They’re the stuff of legend: blue suede shoes have been in the national consciousness since 1955 when Carl Perkins wrote a song about them and Elvis Presley turned it into a massive hit. So[...]

Triple Threat: Boot Camp

Winter may finally be over, but when it comes to wearing boots, we’re just getting warmed up. The bare-legs-and-boots combo is proving irresistible this season—just take a look at the runway[...]

Final Touch: Electric Drive

Picture yourself cruising down an open road on a clear spring day, with nothing but the slow curves and classics blasting from the stereo to keep you company. Your feet effortlessly float between the[...]

Gentlemen’s Club: Spring Brogue

These days we feel like blasting Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles all day to celebrate the coming of spring. Not only because it means temperate walks around the city – but because it means[...]

Shoe Shoe: Plimsoll print

Favourite tee worn ‘til it feels soft as silk? Check. Big chunky cardigan with leather covered buttons? Check. Black beanie? Check. Super duper skinny jeans worn low on the waist and bunched up in[...]

Filmspired: When Harry Met Sally

Though only one scene of it takes place on New Years, it’s the ultimate New Year’s movie: a New York story of true love, that asks one of humanity’s burning questions: can men and women really[...]

Details, Details: Tone on tone on tone

Elegance is a man who knows the power of classic footwear. Earthy tones are key in the dapper gentleman’s colour palette, but neutral for him could never mean boring. He accents with exquisite[...]