Rings and Things: Camel Black

There’s something beautifully serene about the colour camel. Classic, but still on-trend it’s a calm neutral shade that evokes a luxurious, well-made sentiment no matter what the price point.[...]


Money may not grow on tress, but it does seem to be sprouting up on some of the season’s most merit-worthy accessories, and we’re ready to cash in. For as long as coins could buy things,[...]

Mad About Hue: Cognac

Is there a hue more closely associated with status and prestige than a rich cognac? It makes us think of roaring fires in private reading rooms and after dinner drinks. And just a hint of it takes[...]

Final Touch: How to Bring on the Edge

The Beatles wore them, David Bowie always looked sharp in one; The Kills’ Jamie Hince made baby blue on blue work on his wedding day to Kate Moss, proving that there’s really nothing more[...]

Final Touch: Brown New Black

Once upon a time, gents followed the sartorial rule of “no brown in town”, sporting black, blue and grey in the city while leaving the likes of cognac and cigar to define the shades of their[...]

Rings and Things: The Sweetest Stack

The idiom “the devil is in the details” is very apropos for the layered jewelry trend we’re coveting this season. From runway to real way, women are stylishly stacking a multitude of bracelets[...]

FINAL TOUCH: the ultimate day look

Today’s a day for perfect simplicity: an intensely dark pair of skinnies, your favourite white tee and a draped sweater in a gorgeously warm grey that flows like silk and feels like heaven. Now[...]