Toe-to-Toe: Boot Theory

Aug 28, 2014 by ALDO TEAM
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Ever spot an awesome pair of shoes and ask yourself, “How am I going to rock those?” Lucky for you, we’re one step ahead. We’ll be showcasing two Head Office Style Masters wearing the same pair, yet styled to their own personal beat. Here they go, toe-to-toe.

The contender: CYBRANET

The defenders: JF, Special Events vs. Ron, Men’s Buying, ALDO


What look were you going for?

Ron: I went for the minimalist look, which is essentially how I dress most days. With the zipper detailing on the trims of these boots, I think they’re fairly loud so I wanted to keep it balanced and ensure nothing I wore on top clashes.

JF: All black errthang (or almost… I’m trying)

Can’t-live-without app?

Ron: Google Maps!

JF: Instagram, yo!

Whose shoes would you like to walk in for a day?

Ron: Antoni Gaudi’s.

JF: The Prancercise Lady’s shoes — I just can’t get enough of her moves.

What does #PERFECTPAIR mean to you

Ron: Personality + style = perfection

JF: Ice cream + cookie dough = perfection

Favourite guilty pleasure.

Ron: Netflix binging with a big bag of chips.

JF: Celebrity news & gossip magazines.

Describe your personal style in 3 words.

Ron: London, Scandinavia, Effortless.

JF: Black on black (that’s three words, right?).

Go-to “singing in the shower” song.

Ron: You’d have to tune in for the show.

JF: “Treat Her Like a Lady” by Celine Dion. 

What’s on your bucket list?

Ron: I’ve traveled [through] quite a bit of Europe. I would love to explore much of South America next.

JF: Do couples’ bungee jumping with Iris Apfel.

If you could have a super power, what would it be?

Ron: Metamorphosis.

JF: Turn everything I touch into Skittles.

Who would play you in the bio-pic of your life?

Ron: Terrible! An Asian Andrew Garfield maybe? He seems slightly awkward like me but it’s all part of the charm ; )

JF: Ryan Gosling. Just because a flight attendant told me once that we look a like… but we really don’t, I know.

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