Jan 27, 2015 by ALDO TEAM

Two of our fave ALDO HQ style masters go toe-to-toe. One shoe – two ways – all kinds of dope.

The contender: The  MCCLENNY – Leather Sneaker

The defenders: Gab D. – Junior Graphic Designer, ALDO vs. Michael D. – PR Project Manager, ALDO


Never-fail styling tip:

Gab: Make it black and layer it.

Michael: If you like it, wear it!

New Year’s resolution:

Gab: Simplify my wardrobe. Less pieces, more quality.

Michael: Probably to be more physically active in 2015; I just signed-up for a year of Bikram Yoga, so here’s hoping I’m on the right track.

Style Icon / Muse:

Gab: Pharrell Williams

Michael: Pelayo Diaz

Favourite guilty pleasure:

Gab: Pizza pockets

Michael: Staying-in and marathoning TV series’ on Netflix in my PJ’s

Fave Instagrammer:

Gab: George Represent (Represent Clothing)

Michael: Douglas Friedman, visually interesting and always seems to be having a great time!

When it comes to shoes:

Gab: You can never have too many

Michael: They make the outfit

Why do you dig these leather high top sneakers:

Gab: They’re comfortable, and they make a nice addition to a (never-ending) sneaker collection.

Michael: Easy to style no matter what look you’re going for.


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