Mar 12, 2015 by ALDO TEAM

Two of our fave ALDO HQ style sweethearts go head to head, or should we say, toe-to-toe. One shoe – two ways – all kinds of fabulous.

The Contenders: 3-piece blog heel sandal – Style Name: ADIGON

The Defenders: Lana D. (Marketing E-Commerce) VS. Jessica S. (Marketing)

What look were you going for?

Lana: A work outfit that would also do it for going out straight after work.

Jessica: Weekend-chic meets tribal look.

Can’t-live-without app?

Jessica: Tie between Party Party and Instagram.

Lana: Instagram, I use it like a magazine, AND; just love planning trips even when I’ve got no upcoming vacation!

Fave Instagrammer – whose account do you peep on the daily?

Jessica: @sincerelyjules

Lana: @Tuulavintage, mostly a travel and fashion blogger

Whose shoes would you like to walk in for a day?

Jessica: Meryl Streep

Lana: Angelina Jolie – Not in hollywood though, but rather on one of her UN missions.

What does #PERFECTPAIR mean to you.?

Jessica: Friends + Beach=perfection

Lana: Warm, fresh from oven baguette + Nutella = Perfection

Favourite guilty pleasure?

Jessica: Watching “The Real housewives of New Jersey”

Lana: TV series marathon, or top of video games and Taylor Swift’s Blank Space playing in the background.

Describe your personal style in 3 words.

Jessica: Laid-back, classic and feminine.

Lana: never the same

Go-to “singing in the shower” song.

Jessica: I don’t usually sing in the shower… but when I do it’s something by Beyonce.

Lana: Chandelier by Sia. haha.

What’s on your bucket list?

Jessica: I want to travel the globe!

Lana: Volunteering trip / immersion

Who would play you in the bio-pic of your life?

Jessica: Jennifer Lawrence. She is goofy and unfiltered, a lot like me.

Lana: My best friend lol.. noone else can get it right.  otherwise Anne Hathaway maybe?


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