Apr 17, 2015 by ALDO TEAM

It’s hard to believe but warmer weather is upon us. Sartorially that means one thing and one thing only. It’s time to clean up your act, literally. Shift that wardrobe into a new gear, so to speak, and prepare yourself for what’s to come: plans. Lots of plans. After work plans, weekend plans, spur of the moment plans. There’s no time to lose. Are you up for it?

Sure you are. You’re totally up for it because you’ve made the shrewd decision to invest in versatile footwear. Like a leather loafer, for instance, that you can dress up, dress down and seamlessly don with all manner of styles in between. Now you’re prepared for whatever social occasion the season throws your way.

A cognac colored slip-on with smart tassel detail is just the foundation you need. Worn sockless with tailored pants, this is a shoe that easily adapts to a variety of looks. At the office with a slim, cashmere V-neck and dress pants, you’re golden. Drinks at that new wine bar? Try dusty khaki chinos, a trim tee and a light jacket. A go-to loafer is crafty enough to handle more rustic assignments too. Off to the country this weekend? Lighten it up with broken-in beige chinos and a patterned, short-sleeve casual button-down. Remember to accent with fashionable shades to complete the look. Bottom line: the right loafer always proves indispensable over time.

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