Twinning: Best Friends

Jun 8, 2014 by ALDO TEAM
pin it Twinning: Best Friends

Sure, you finish each other’s sentences, and have been witness (read, culprit) to many compromising situations. But what really characterizes her as your BFF is that she’s actually your better half, especially when it comes to style.

Ever notice that you both have impeccable taste? That’s a common Best Friend side-effect called Twinning. To celebrate Best Friend Day on June 8, we pay homage to the inevitable friendship hazard. Ever leave the house wearing the same outfit? Ever buy the same trendy piece without even shopping together? Ever send emergency approval-to-buy-this selfies? That’s marvelous, next level Twinning.

We’ve rounded up the best(ie) outfit trimmings to help you style soul mates commemorate – and include in swapping rotation – your unparalleled friendship.

Now that you’ve the look, make sure to follow these undeniable rules to celebrate Best Friend Day to the fullest – and in style. D’uh.

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