Wanderlust: Memorial Day

May 21, 2014 by ALDO TEAM
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5 Trips, One 3 Day Weekend, and an Endless Summer

There’s nothing we love more than a three day weekend. For starters, we get a precious extra day, and then there’s that short work week that follows. It’s the double rainbow of the calendar. But, more importantly, it’s just long enough to take a road trip. Or, in some cases, a short flight to paradise. Sigh…we can dream, right?

1. Your All-American Beach Trip:
Whoa whoa whoa, calm down. Let all of that “Jersey Shore” nonsense leave your head. Pack the car with a beach bag and head to the very southern tip of New Jersey. You’ll find some good waves, some of the best beach hot dogs you’ve ever tasted and enough R&R to get you through Labor Day.

2. A Not-So-Hotel Hotel
Unplug. Well, pretty much. The Graham & Co. is a dream come true for urban dwellers. Not far from Manhattan, it’s got the bare essentials: a pool, comfy beds and the occasional movie screened on a clothesline. Plus, the diner in town can’t be beat.

3. Bermudan Holiday, Seriously:
Yeah, you only have three days, but Bermuda is a quick flight and easy to get to. How are you really gonna say no to white sand beaches, crystal clear water and some world class snorkeling?

4. The Journey’s The Thing:
On the west coast? Near the west coast? Then it’s finally time to take that trip down the Pacific Coast Highway. Trust us, there’s nothing more impressive than seeing Big Sur from the big open road. Rent a convertible.

5. Deep Dish Dive:
With only three days, tackling a massive city can be a little daunting. But spend it in Chicago, and you’ll be able to take a selfie at “The Bean,” hit up some world class museums, and of course, eat all the deep dish pizza you can find.

Whatever you end up doing, keep it real with great friends, make great memories and wear (you guessed it) great shoes.



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