The New Way to Dress Like a Modster

Dec 21, 2015 by ALDO TEAM
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As the temperatures plunge below freezing, every instinct we have tells us to layer up and bundle up. Those giant puffer jackets and thick scarves look mighty friendly in the face of a winter chill. And though they’ll keep you warm, they’ll also throw all style, sex appeal, and coolness out the window. Is that a sacrifice you’re willing to make?

No. It’s not. And it doesn’t have to be! Keep the heavy and puffy stuff for the throes of a winter storm. On those days where it’s a little too cold for your customary light crewneck and jacket, go for an overcoat. Not just any overcoat though—something in a heavy wool, and one that’s lined—that will keep you free of any harsh winds.

Now, instead of drowning your handsome beard in a scarf, might we suggest wrapping it up in a turtleneck? It’s hands down one of the most important trends for Fall-Winter 2015 and when you pair it with a handsome-ass overcoat, you suddenly become a French and/or Italian noble. And honestly, that’s the best look for the holidays. Finish it all of with a pair of luxe leather gloves and sturdy loafers.

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