Dec 21, 2015 by ALDO TEAM

Party heels at the office? Do it.

A party sandal at a party? No shocker there. When worn to an evening event with a killer outfit, a feminine ankle strap sandal with metallic details is a winner. But can we blow your mind one time? Because a party sandal – if done correctly – can also serve double-duty as an office-appropriate piece. Yup. Are you suddenly rethinking everything in your closet? Is your mind blown? Good. This isn’t rookie fashion, but you’re ready.

The key is to make sure the items you pair your heel with will tone down the festive or party feel of your shoe. So a pair of studded party pumps can easily transform into a workday staple if you wear them with simple, clean lines. In this case, a delicate ankle strap sandal will fit right in at the office if you can balance the light, airiness of the sandal with more substantial pieces. Add a counterweight to the skin-exposing sandals with more coverage above. Hence the leather, A-line skirt that goes past the knee worn with an untucked and slightly oversized silk button-up. The skirt adds weight and coverage and the generously cut shirt balances the delicacy of the sandal. So the only other question: is your #wintermanicure on fleek?

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